CPS right now!

CPS Right Now

From 2006 through 2008, John Anderson served as the Executive Producer and Director of CPS Right Now!, a television newsmagazine that aired 365 days a year on Chicago Cable Channels 23 (the City of Chicago's official television station) and 49 (the City's Arts and Literary television station).

The program focused on the successes and challenges of Chicago Public Schools and its 435,000 students, and received nine Midwest Emmy nominations, including 2008-2009 Emmy wins for Anderson as Series Executive Producer, as well as for Producers Alicia Healy and Bridget Sarno.

Each 30-minute program was comprised of three segments of interest to students, parents and community members. Two episodes, including the Emmy-Winner, are available for viewing below, as complete shows or as individual segments.

Watch the Emmy-Winning Episode

Episode 305Episode #304

Watch the entire Midwest Emmy-Winning episode, as it originally aired on June 9, 2008. Or, watch the individual segments.

Fractured Fairy TalesGirl Power!

The Girls Empowerment Summit is happening at Roosevelt HS, where girls from all over the city compare notes on coming of age in Chicago.

The Model UN ConferenceTanner/Rose Literacy Link

We visit one of CPS' luckiest schools, as it receives books, money and a surprise visit from its suburban sister school.

Message GardenFunding College Futures
with FAFSA

Morgan Park HS students learn about FAFSA, the important college financial aid form.

Watch Another Episode

Episode 305Episode #305

Watch Episode 305 of CPS Right Now!, as it originally aired on June 23, 2008. Or, watch the individual segments.

Fractured Fairy TalesFractured Fairy Tales

Garvy Elementary 8th graders tackle social issues, combining student-customized
fairy tales with puppetry.

The Model UN ConferenceThe Model U.N. Conference

Chicago high schoolers debate the major issues of the day, as they gather at McCormick Place for The Model United Nations Conference.

Message GardenMessage Garden

Richards Career Academy Students create environmental art for their school’s Message Garden, with inspiration from Chicago artist David Philpot.